About us

Creativity as impulseto innovation.

Energy, freshness, tirelessness.
it's everything you need to explore a world in constant motion, and that's exactly what runs through our veins. This is why we never fall behind, rather we look far ahead.

Come and get to know us up close.

The values that guide us.

We work with people.

We put the human dimension at the center of every decision. We adopt a Human Centered approach and design together with people, listening to their needs and feelings. We work for people, with people.

We bring value.

We support growth by creating tools that make a difference. This is why we don't build mere products, but we design solutions that help companies and people achieve their goals.

We think outside the box.

We don’t settle for the first hypothesis, we observe the problem from different perspectives. We cultivate creative thinking, seeking alternative points of view and pursuing intuitions that are out of the ordinary.

We leave our mark.

We think of each project in terms of uniqueness. We pay attention to details to create something of value and create unforgettable experiences that excite users. We use aesthetics to communicate and tell a story.

We choose simplicity.

We explore the essence of complexity, navigating the intertwining of the elements that compose it and managing the complications. We challenge what is complex to bring out what is simple.

We grow together.

We believe in the strength of the group. We are professionals who like to share ideas and learn from each other: only in this way can we look far ahead and conceive visionary ideas.

We feed curiosity.

We are hungry for what is new and we never stop learning. We love keeping up to date with new trends to anticipate new ones. We never stay still, change is the essence of our work.

Your creative partner.

Alone we are simple enthusiasts of the digital world, but together we form a team of over 20 creatives who move in unison to create unique and innovative projects.
How? By doing what we love every day.

Some of our team leaders

Claudio Grimaldi

CEO & Founder

Leonardo Luzzi

Creativity & Communication Lead

Daniela Motta

Account Manager

Ivan Schlegel

Digital Design & Dev. Lead

Silvia Maria Sardi

Communication Strategist

Mattia Maggi

Design Strategy & UX Lead

Brands we collaborate with.

  • Ami Assistance
  • Apogeo Broker
  • Axa Assistance
  • DAS
  • Itas
  • Nobis
  • Quixa
  • Solari Assicurazioni
  • Strategica Insurance Mangement
  • Vaance
  • Valore Sicuro
  • BCC Cambiano
  • RÔne
  • BWA
  • CMC Consulting
  • Axa Assistance
  • CRIF
  • EcosAgile
  • I-AER
  • Thema Consulting
  • Ars et Inventio (gruppo Bip)
  • ICT Quality
  • SynbrAIn
  • Acquevenete
  • Agsm
  • Cei Group
  • Proenergy
  • Abm
  • Amisco
  • Aspirnova Industry
  • Cieffe
  • Cifra
  • Cim System
  • CitterioGiulio
  • Crm
  • Dialfer
  • Fidia Systems
  • Fixa
  • Fossa Cilindri
  • Gardner Denver Nash
  • GC Colombo
  • Geze Italia
  • Givi Misure
  • Industrial Trading
  • Italtherm
  • Kunzle Tasin
  • Lamperti
  • Locatelli Crane
  • Lombarda
  • LPE
  • MEG
  • Novinox
  • Oriental Motor
  • Prysmian
  • Rocam
  • Rollwash
  • Silap
  • Silvateam
  • Tema Energy
  • Tresoldi&Casiraghi
  • Valme
  • Vibiplast
  • Zschimmer & Schwartz Italiana
  • Ferb Onlus
  • Indena
  • Miat
  • Prineos
  • TomTom Italia
  • Kodak
  • Nital
  • Sandisk
  • BeDriver
  • Cuneo Granda Volley
  • Down Town Palestre
  • HJC
  • Passoni Titanio
  • Tatuus Racing
  • Un Jour Ailleurs
  • Villa Carlotta
  • Global Relax
  • GreenCall
  • IWM
  • Olio Marantò
  • SLS Avvocati

We thought of it, we designed it

Tell us your idea, we'll take care of the action plan!

Tell us your idea, we can't wait to create innovation together!
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Grazie per averci scritto!

Abbiamo ricevuto il tuo messaggio,ti risponderemo al più presto.

Nel frattempo, puoi fare un giro sui nostri profili social e conoscerci più da vicino 😀