UX Empowerment
A2A Energia


A2A Energia

In cooperation with Fincons, our IT partner, we have developed a new user experience for the electricity and gas offering of A2A, the biggest Italian multi-utility leader in the sectors of energy, environment, heat and networks.

Product templates and relative subscription forms have been completely redesigned in order to offer the most satisfying experience to customers, both private and business, and to provide internal users with the most efficient process.

Our design process

Kick Off

The project has started with an analysis of A2A’s existing offering and workflow, both in comparison with the most important competitors and with virtuous examples from other market sectors, in order to determine the best practices.

UI - UX Design


We’ve drawn a new workflow for each user category with the help of wireframes and interactive prototypes. The challenge has been to increase purchases by the optimization of the user experience. The requested data set has been minimized thank to system integration and is now collected throughout the process with innovative technologies, from personal information to supply and payment details.

Web Design


Meantime, we’ve defined a new information architecture and redesigned offering pages within the existing website: an interactive window in homepage, private and business catalogues, single product sheets and landing pages. Then, we’ve figured out the new user interface, according to the Group digital guidelines, by defining typography, colour palette and icons, both for product pages and subscription forms.



The final step of the process has been the production of all the HTML templates, which have been written with a responsive technology based on Bootstrap framework for the optimization on every device. The code has been developed with a modular design: for example, each widget can be integrated in more different pages without any changes, in order to make the back-end management easier and quicker.