Law Firm Rebranding
Studio legale Sala


SLS Avvocati

SLS Avvocati is an independent studio that has chosen a new language for its rebranding, to share the philosophy and characteristics of its team: consulting and multidisciplinary approach, innovation, competence, reliability.



The challenge is to offer a new experience focused on client needs, starting from the relationship management. This is a clear, relevant and engaging approach, from the first contact with people, both physical and digital.



The project has started from the research and development of a new visual identity: concrete, distinctive, unique in every contact with the individual, offline and online.
The choice of logo and font conveys immediately the desire to be closer to users, as well as stationery that is fully integrated within a corporate identity handbook: business cards, letterheads, envelopes and folders.


The company profile is dedicated to the story of the approach and the offering of the studio. The tone of voice is clear and direct. The graphic is aspirational and accurate and plays with materials, from the choice of paper to the finishes.

web design

The website echoes the firm rebranding, by means of an effective and engaging experience.
It opens with full screen pictures to emphasize and share with everyone the corporate values: innovation, user centric relationship, work ethics. The whole team gets involved by introducing itself with its own bio and expertise. The navigation continues with the presentation of the offer, articulated both by expertise and by industry.
The website aims to be an active communication channel for users. It offers in fact the latest news release and multiple in-depth analysis throughout the Italian legal scene.