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Nutraceutica is an Italian company active in the nutritional, dietary and phytotherapeutic fields.

Nutraceutica is active in the distribution of naturally extracted raw materials and high quality formulations.
Since 2002 its Mission has been to combine scientific research and technological innovation to offer a unique product of its kind in terms of effectiveness and reliability.

  • 01 Challenge

How to give new life to a brand without distorting its essence?

For Nutraceutica we created a restyling of the brand identity, keeping the traditional values of the company intact and then conveying them through more innovative visual and verbal communication. We thus created a modern concept, then implemented it on the new website, product catalog and social channels.

  • 02 Solution

Creative Concept.

To develop the new creative concept we were inspired by the key values of Nutraceutica, leveraging what has always distinguished it: the naturalness of the raw materials and the constant drive for technical and scientific innovation.

Starting from these we have developed an effective and coherent identity capable of making the company recognisable compared to its competitors and, at the same time, directing its communication in a clear and incisive way through all online and offline channels.

  • 03 Solution


We have revisited the graphic elements, making them more full-bodied and sinuous, to communicate a more welcoming and modern image that is, at the same time, competent and reliable.

We have softened the shapes of the historic logo, which represent the leaves of a sprout pointing upwards towards the sun.

We have placed the emphasis on innovation as a distinctive value of the company. The reference to nature here acquires a double meaning: on the one hand it recalls the origins of Nutraceutica, which has its roots in the extraction of natural active ingredients, on the other it underlines how the propensity for the new is an innate characteristic of the company.


Brand book
We have created a brand book that defines in detail the elements of the new visual and verbal identity and establishes rules of use for effective and coherent communication.

  • 04 Solution

Website and product catalogue.

After defining the key elements of Nutraceutica's identity, we designed the new website. A distinctive aspect concerns the development of the catalogue, from which the registered user can download all the documentation relating to the product of interest.

The CMS was created in such a way that it fed the data present in the online catalog and, at the same time, automatically generated PDFs for download. In this way, two different outputs are produced with a single data entry, making the process more efficient and faster.

  • 05 Solution

Social channel management.

After carrying out a competitor benchmark, we studied a storytelling and a social strategy for the LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

Through specific editorial columns we have built a coherent story of the company and its offer to efficiently reach the target audience. Based on the new visual identity, we then created customised graphic templates to make Nutraceutica contents distinguishable and recognisable.

  • 06 Tools & Languages

For this project we used:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Sketch
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS
  • Gulp JS

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